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CA UIM Support (Nimsoft)

The OpSmart team has done extensive troubleshooting of the CA Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft) platform and also have been part of various Onboarding's. Our team of certified experts have also provided support on UIM (Nismoft) environments. The team worked hand in hand with the Support and Professional teams to get the quality support for the customers.

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Why choose us?

We have helped customers to deploy CA UIM (Nimsoft) Instances across various datacenters, have helped them with onboarding and have provided 24/7 monitoring and regular updates. Our team also built various Hub & Robot installation along with Events and validation. The team is well versed in using the API's and also comes up with solution after their complete research.

We can help you deploy/configure CA UIM Infrastructure

  • Client Hub Build-Up
  • Client Server/Robot Installation
  • Monitoring Client servers/Robot
  • DB Setup
  • Client server Alert Management
  • Data Center management
  • Threshold Management
  • Audit Report
  • Deploy Sybase probes for the DB server

We can help you support your existing CA UIM Infrastructure

  • Remove VM's from Monitoring
  • Setup the monitoring alerts
  • Change or increase the threshold for file systems
  • Monitoring Phase of VM's
  • Setup and configure OS Monitoring
  • Configure & install Probe for SQL server
  • Filesystem Monitoring Setup
  • Enable servers in maintenance mode
  • Add new server to monitoring
  • Add monitoring for a new host or service
  • Remove monitoring for a host or service
  • Set Up SAP Monitoring Tool
  • Add Sap Router to Monitoring
  • Troubleshoot communication error with set_hub to spooler
  • Change existing monitoring
  • Monitoring and Backup Agents to be added and configured

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