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Changing the structure of the organization is not a transformation. It is only the beginning of the transition.

08-11-2018  |  News & Events

The 2017 Forbes Insights survey on the state of Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) surveyed 261 executives from around the world, and found that 3 out of 4 executives agreed that "…the amount of time, money, and resources spent on [IT] maintenance and management—versus new project development or new initiatives-is affecting the overall competitiveness of their organizations."

This blog will focus on challenges and problems faced by companies managing their IT infrastructure and cloud operations and how OpSmart helped overcome these challenges by implementing OpSmart Cloud Management.

For an efficient cloud operations & automation, there is no room for gap in process and silo tools. Collaboration between people and machines is a must in ensuring that the work gets done. Automation is key to ensuring efficient operations of enterprise cloud and elimination of human error. A central information authority that is constantly updated and references for all changes in the cloud is the only way to eliminate outages.

With OpSmart platform, you are empowered to centralize all your information into a singular CMDB via built in automation that ensures accuracy, correlation and reliability. With over a dozen built in modules, the platform allows you to manage all your ticketing workflows within a singular solution. Your employees can collaborate with your cloud perform simple and complex operational tasks within a single login. All your events, alerts are collected and centrally correlated with real-time CMDB & CRM information to produce enriched and actionable events, reports, and guidance for mission critical decisions.

OpSmart enables seamless integration, automation and collaboration of your daily tasks at all Tier levels thus resulting in better SLAs, OLAs, reduction of outages and end to end efficient management of your Enterprise Cloud.

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